About Us

Hey, everyone “QSKA.NET” is drawing and craft the largest website on the web. We are providing drawing and craft article and videos tutorial for our visitor. This website providing list of item in below .

  • Drawing tutorial(How to draw)
  • Crafting tutorial
  • Drawing tools and tips
  • Crafting tools and tips
  • E-books

We are providing free E-books. Which types of e-book we are proving ? “QSKA .NET” gives you two types of e-book, mention in below.

  1. Drawing tutorial e-books
  2. crafting tutorial e-books

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Who is behind the “QSKA.NET”?

Mr. Suban Kundu is founder and CEO and author of the QSKA.NET website.

About Author(Mr.Kundu Suban):

Suban Kundu

Hey, guys, my name is suban Kundu. I am founder, CEO and main author of qska.net. My motivation is sharing best and easy how you can draw and make your own craft. Art and craft open your creative mind. That can give you happiness.

When I am was 5 years old took a pencil and draw my first drawing. Now I am 22 years old man I learn drawing 5 years to till the now. I have more than 15+ years drawing and 7+ crafting experiences. Now I become good artiest and craft man.

My Drawing and Crafting Knowledge:

  1. Water-colour 7+ years experience
  2. Oil colour 6+ years experience
  3. Crayon colour 13+ years experience
  4. pencil and pen and other type skating 11+years experience
  5. pottered 5+ years experience
  6. crafting 7+ years experience

So, everyone, I’m decided to share my 15+ years experience with you by this website. Show some certification which I get during in my journey.

This is a small part which I am showing you. I am showing more because we are believed for our work, not certification. I show all the drawing and make the crafting easy and the best process. Because my mission is anyone able to draw and making craft in own hand.

I believe everyone can become a good artist and craftsman. Thanks for visiting our website