5+ Best Google Free Tools for a blogger or digital marketer.

You are a blogger or internet entropnoer ? you konw google gives best free tools for you. i see many new and exprienc blogger and digital marketr don’t use this tools.

I tolled you 5+ Best Google Free Tools which should be use.

lest go first tools

PageSpeed Insights.

PageSpeed Insights is one bacis and most popular free tool. this tools helps us cheek our website speed in moble and desktop.

GT matrix has similar features. You can use anyone. let,s go next tools.

PageSpeed Insights

Why Use PageSpeed Insight

  • cheek website speed in desktop
  • cheek website speed in mobile.
  • get suggestion website speed optimisation.

Mobile-Friendly Test.

Today mobile is the most popular devices. 3bilion use mobile out of 7 billion in the world . so it very importent to know your is moble friendly or not. don’t worrw google provides mobli fridly test tools wtih free of cost.

Within a few second you can check your website by the help of Moblie-Friendly Tool.

Mobile-Friendly Test

Why Use This Tool?

  • It’s free of cost and google tool.
  • Improved your mobile seo score.
  • Boost moblie speed of website.

Test My Site.

Test My Site is a another google free tools which helps know our website speed in mobile . This tools also check induvual page page speed also .

Test My Site

This tools called to think with google. It’s manly check website speed in 3G and 4G Network.

Test My Site

Test My Site give you some suggestion. Your website load under 2 sec is very good for SEO.

Test My Site

Rich Results Test.

Every time in web create new content. so as I said in the opening we’d be talking about rich results. Google’s made massive shifts in the way that it’s displayed search results over the last few years.

As you can see just in this image alone is just kind of looking search.

Rich Results Test

We’ve seen this happen on display and we see new and more exciting rich results so every so often now it used to be you know these called Rich Result.

How to know you are eligible in rich results? don’t worry google provide you free tools cheek our web-page are eligible or not.

Structured Data Testing Tool.

Now a few years google shows many different of the result. Like image carousels or product carousels or people also ask for boxes or knowledge graph there’s a lot of different ways that Google is now displaying information for the user best experience.

Structured Data Testing Tool

Do you know how to show this type of result(Rich Results)?

Yes, google show this type of result by the helps of Structured Data .

Structured Data is deponed on content writing partenr. How to wrte a post porduct showcase on your website is importent . any can easly know post structured by the helps of Structured Data Testing Tool . It’s is totally free of cost and hives by google.

This is not all the schema types but these are all the types of rich results that they’re using there’s actually 28 available to us in search at the moment. All 28 type not using in single post or single pages.

Disavow links.

Disavow links is part of google search console. Your compittor and heater can hurmful for website. Any one can make bad back link for your website.

Disavow links

This black hat seo can baned any website in surche engine. also google know this proble. Disavow links can helps fix this esses.

Google Trends.

Google Trends

Google’s Blog Directory.

Google’s Blog Directory.

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