You want to know How to Check Windows 10 is Original or Pirated?

Windows is king “OS”(operating systems), in the world desktop and laptop market. Because windows are easy to operate and cheaper the IOS.

Who has no technical knowledge she/he also uses easily?

The worlds desktop or laptop market more than 700 million people are using Windows “OS”.

When you buy a desktop or laptop, it’s come with pre-installed windows “OS”, obviously it’s an original window.

You buy from a genuine buyer than your windows is 100% original. But in some case it’s can be wrong with you.

But, you buy first time a Windows device its import to know “How to Check Windows 10 is Original or Pirated

At last one tine checked your windows is genuine?

some laptop did not come with pre-installed windows. In this case, shop keeper says free of cost installed windows in your device.

So, guys, it’s a wrong sing. In this case, definitely check your windows OS.

My suggestion when you buy windows 10,7,8 any version of windows at last check one’s time.

You don’t know “How to Check Windows 10 is Original or Pirated” Don’t worry I share the best process How to Check Windows 10 is Original or Pirated” even you can check Windows 8 and windows7 also.

Many shop keepers are mainly windows active by the help of some third-party software. By the help of duplicate key or not original key.

All windows activated by a key.

windows are activated helps of a key. This had 25 characters, like “25Ax2-gf4501-sd451-12035-48d512” But, you know key under mainly three types of license.

Types of Product Key

Want to find Windows key then read this article: How To Find Product Key Windows 10

  1. OEM( original equipment manufacturer)
  2. Retail key
  3. Volume key

We are used “OEM” or “retail key”. volume key is to use a big or small company or educational institute. Volume key not for a single person user.

1.OEM(original equipment manufacturer)

Pre-installed windows manly come with “OEM” key. This key Microsoft is designed for the manufacturer.

OEM key price is cheaper than the retail key. This key using only one device. It’s not come with the transferable right that means only use one device.

The “OEM” key not transferable one device to another device. because it’s Microsoft policy against. A single person can not purchase this key. This key only for the manufacturer.

2. Retail key

The retailed key is a lifetime accessible key. This key used one device to another device. Retailed key price higher the OEM.

Because you can use this key with a severable device(at a time once device) & Microsoft also supports for this license. The retailed key is the more valuable and best key.

3.volume key

volume key is manly designed for big, small & medium company and institute. This key is not for a single person. Volume key is a combination of “OEM” key or “retail key“.

Your laptop or desktop comes with “OEM” key or “retail key“. So, “How to Check Windows 10 is Original or Pirated “and” which type key in your device”.

I am tolled only one best way to cheek to Windows 10 is Original or Pirated.

You want to know update Windows driver?

Read This :How to Update Drivers Windows 10 in 3 Genius Ways

Steps by Steps How to Check Windows 10 is Original or Pirated.

1.steps :

  1. First Press on windows then press pause break button
  2. Scroll down
  3. Then see what is massage is in windows activation sections
  4. it’s show windows is activated?

Guy, Many shop keeper doing This process showing your windows is activated. But This is not a true process checking any windows devices.

Follow steps mention in below.

2. Steps:

  1. Click on your windows button in keyboard.
  2. Go setting option
  3. Next click on security and update button
  4. Click on activation option
  5. See what type of activation having.
Steps by Steps How to Check Windows 10 is Original or Pirated
Steps by Steps How to Check Windows 10 is Original or Pirated

Click windows button>>Go setting>>click on update and security>>Click on activation>>type of activation(activated with digital licence)

Mainly its show activates with digital licensed. This means you pc is genuine windows? Yes, but I am recommended check all steps.

3. Steps:

So let’s go secure process and best process.

  1. type in your windows search bar
  2. open command prompt.
  3. next step is types : “slmgr/ xpr

open command prompt>>types : “slmgr/ xpr

Your message is “windows are permanently activated ” this means your windows is genuine.


  1. Type this command on your command prompt :”slmgr.vbs/dli

Show product key type and partition key Not showing any date of expiring windows license. That means your windows are original.

Command prompt :"slmgr.vbs/dli"
Command prompt :”slmgr.vbs/dli

Show any Expiring Date that means you are not using original windows. Your windows activated by third party tools.

But in case you want more secure and clear your doubts. Then type this command prompt next types

5. Steps:

Command type : slmgr/dlv

 How to Check Windows 10 is Original or Pirated
How to Check Windows 10 is Original or Pirated

Your popup masses are similar to my image that means your windows are 100% genuine.

My key is retail but is you have OEM key don’t worry is the original key. But your message show date or other type information that means your windows activated by some third-party software.

Is Pirated Windows 10 good?

NO, Pirated Windows 10 not good. Pirated windows have some malicious code. Which can steal your precious data.

How do I find my Windows 10 licence key?

Open command prompt>>Enter>> wmic path SoftwareLicensingService get OA3xOriginalProductKey.

What is the cost of genuine Windows 10?

Windows 10 Pro will cost $199
Windows 10 Home cost $99
This price can be changed, because of this a Microsoft product. More knowledge visits Microsoft website.

Is Windows 10 licence lifetime?

Yes, Retail key use lifetime. “OEM” also used a lifetime until your device before death.

Can Microsoft detect pirated Windows 10?

Yes, Microsoft easily detect pirated Windows 10

How to find Windows 10 product key using command prompt?

Open command prompt>>Enter>> wmic path SoftwareLicensingService get OA3xOriginalProductKey.


Check your windows every time when you’re buying a new window’s device. Share your thought with us. This post is helpful or not?. Comments in below.

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