How To Delete An Instagram Comment within 1 minute

Do you want to Delete Instagram Comment within 1 minute?

Hey, everybody in this post I am telling you how To delete an Instagram comment within 1 minute. The Best two simple and easy method To delete an Instagram comment.

It’s the super-easy way to delete the Instagram comment. I am sharing with some screenshot to better understand.

You can delete two types of comments on Instagram. First, you can delete your own comments in other people post and the second types other people comment in your post.

You want to know How to delete Instagram account, then click on the link in below

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So, lets go ahead delete your own comments in other people post.

Deletes Won Comments

1. Steps :

So guys first only you just need to open an Instagram app that you have already installed on your Android device or iPhone.

Android device or iPhone
Android device or iPhone

But you are using desktop then searching an Instagram in Google and login you’re an Instagram account.

Log in your account
Log in your account

2. Steps :

You are using a long time for Instagram. Do you want to delete the older comment in another people post?

Then it’s very important to find your comments, which one you want to delete. But you don’t know how to find your comment on Instagram?

How to find your comment on Instagram

Really has no any tips or trick to find your comment. But remember which post comments you want to deletes.

Then find the particular post and go to the comments section.

But you want to delete recent comments then you can skip this method.

3. Steps:

Go to the comment section on Instagram and find to the particular comment. Just click on your comments. Then you can see a delete icon in the right-hand upper corner and next click on the icon.

Open Instagram >>login your account>> Find your comments>> Tap on the comments>>Click on the delete icon.

How To Delete An Instagram Comment within 1 minute
How To Delete An Instagram Comment within 1 minute

One chance to recover to your comments by the click on undo button.

This is a simple way to delete the comments on Instagram. So, guys, this is the first method which helps you to date your own comments on Instagram

Delete someone comments on your post

Can I delete someone’s comment on my Instagram post?

Yes, you can delete someone’s comment on your Instagram post.

If you wanted to delete someone comments on your post?

Then follow the next method.

Deletes other people comment

Deletes other people comment steps one
Deletes other people comment steps one
  1. Log in your Instagram
  2. Tap on the human icon or go in your profile section
  3. Open your post
  4. Go comments section
  5. Tap on the particular comments which want to delete
  6. Next click on the delete icon.
  7. Done your comments are deleted.
Deletes other people comment steps two
Deletes other people comment steps two

Can you delete people’s comments on Instagram?

Yes, you can delete people’s comments on Instagram in your post. Only delete your comments on other peoples post.
You do not delete other people comment on other people post.

How do I disable comments?

Just open your post which one you want to disable comments. Then click on right-hand three dots and click “Turn off Commenting

How do I limit comments?

You do not limit comments on Instagram. You can turn off commenting. Go to open the post and click on three dots.
Then click on “Turn off commenting“.

Can’t delete a conversation on Instagram?

Press and hold the comments which you want to delete. Then show a pop-up and click on” Unsend message“. Next click on” Unsend
Press and hold the comments>>Unsend message>>Unsend.

Last word :

Hey, everyone, I think clear your How To Delete An Instagram Comment all doubts. I am telling you the best two-way to delete Instagram comments. Father any problem share with us in the comment box.

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