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How to get Google AdSense approval Within 3 Days

Yes, it’s possible AdSense approval Within 3 Days I have toled some secret formula of Google AdSense. This tips easily get Adsense approval within 3 days.

Hey, guys AdSense is one of the best and trusted income sources for bloggers, Youtuber and more. Even big company are using Adsense. Many successful bloggers are dependent on AdSense.

Do you want to earn money from your blog? so need an Adsense to account for successful journey. You are a trouble to approve your Adsense account? keep reading this post. I promise you will get Adsense approved within 3 days. but some case it might be take a long time for approval.

Google is providing all information about Adsense requirement and policy. But, still, many bloggers don’t know about AdSense and requirement for its approval. I am using it for 2 years and thought to share a few things about it.

I am flowing adsense in approxemetly 3 years. So, let us check the requirement and how to get AdSense approval within 3 days.

AdSense approval within 3 days: Create pages

Tips 1 : Privacy Policy Page

No matter which platforme you are using your blog. But have no any privacy policy page than can’t get adsense appled.

first step creat a proper privacy policy page. i am not only privacy policy page i toll you create properprivacy policy page. how to creat proper privacy policy policy page you can read this artical.

your picvy shoud be mention tihes point is mantetary.

Tips 2: Contact -Us Page

Google like a proper website. means visitors can interact with the website owner. it can possible only possible by contact us page. so it important for any web site. second steps create a contact us page.

Tips 3: About Us page

i suggection creat a about us page for your website . manual approval its can high chens to appval. discalmer page is not madetary ,but i sustion also create this page.

i hope you ctaer all pages . lets go next steps

Blog Post

Write some blog post . you think how many blog post need for adsense approvle? google not proving any giude lines about blog post recrements. but any types of adult content, inlactule property use with permission legal move donlodig ,song dowlning all type of google doesn’t to approved a website.

all post should be uniqe and user can read and understand you word.

i recomdcting some first time approvale write around 25 post with proper keyword. means your google show some base your contant.

seconed time you can go with 6 to 7 post . you think how many word is best for your post. have no any guide liness about word , but i suggetion best answer shear your usesr. becase google aims is user setifaction. mint it this point in your bloggong life.

in seo pespective 1000 word is better for a blog post.

Use Image, Logo and Icon

Shoud be use image in your blog post with a proper alt tag. use a best logo and icon ,its not mantetar but it can helps your SEO and easy approval.

you don’t know how to make a logo , than you can read this artiacl .read more.


Navigation is very importent for websit. a helty nevigation should be easy accable by your user.

google mane motive is user sutifaction . navigation not than ,negtivly impact with adsens and seo .

its mandertay to add all pages, in mane manu ,befre submition.


google clearly know a new website not possible to drive some traffic. so approval is dos not depends on your traffic. focus on your quality content. it’s enough for your approval. its might take a long time. But I told about AdSense approval within 3 days than traffics is important for approval.

but some case its mith be deponds. intioly have some triffic than can get full adsense approved accounts. you try to focas on your seo and contant. when you get some around 200 viter per day than apply for adsens .

Site strcture

site strctre is another importent factotor for AdSense approval Within 3 Days. what i means about site structure. your website should be fit for all type of devices .

meta tag, meta description, and all coding should be properly wite by instctons.robet.txt should be properly allowed to index.

Buy a Domain

AdSense approval within 3 days or easy than mandetar go with top lavle.

you don’t know how to buy domain you can read this artical

Submit website in search Console

its mandetary for all easy and AdSense approval within 3 days easy


Once you apply for AdSense, google will reply within a week or more about your application. Your approval can be rejected also. Google will clearly mention why it has been rejected and what are the requirement to fulfil in your blog for AdSense.

Even, my first application was rejected for AdSense. But, next time I fulfilled all the google AdSense requirement and again applied after a few days. This time I got approved. So, always remember, your website should be fully built with sufficient content before applying for AdSense.

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