Hey everyone, I show How To Screenshot on Windows 10. This post tells you 7+ Genius Ways To Tack Screenshot on Windows 10 within just 2 min.

All this process is very easy to secure and free of cost. I am telling you a secret way How To Screenshot on Windows 10 intake a High-quality image.

These tips work with all windows devices. Let’s go ahead to take the screenshot.

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How To Screenshot on Windows 10 By Snipping Tools

You can tack a screenshot by the help of Snipping Tools. The Snipping Tools is an in built windows application. This software or app you can take screenshot in Windows 10, 8, Windows XP and vista.

When you want to tack a screen shoot specific area then it’s the best way to entering a list.

Type Snipping Tools in the windows search box in the left-hand bottom corner. Then click on the open button and click open the Snipping Tools.

How To Screenshot on Windows 10 By Snipping Tools
How To Screenshot on Windows 10 By Snipping Tools

Next click on the new section then your computer background was blurred and show a plus(+) sing. This plus sign is a selector of screenshots. Then select which portion you want to take a screenshot and click on the enter button.

Then open new window and you can edit screenshot by helps of this window. Next click on file tab and click on save as option.

Snipping Tools
Snipping Tools

You can save file pressing on control +s button and can save you desired location. Now we can go to the Snip & Sketch App method.

Snip & Sketch App

Snip & Sketch App is similar to the Snipping Tools. But it’s most advanced tools then Snipping Tools. This can be taking a high-quality image in the enter method.

Similar to first way go to type search box Snip & Sketch and open the application.

Then click on new and your device background was appeared in blurred. Show a plus sign and selected your area. Which you want to take a screenshot and hit the enter button.

Then show a pop-up, by this window you can customize your screenshot. Next, save you screenshot where want you sane.

Next way is taking a screenshot by the Print Screen Button.

Print Screen Button

Print Screen to taking a screenshot very simple way.

Just press “prtSc SysRq” button on your keyboard. When you press “prtSc SysRq” button full screen save in your device clipboard.

Next steps are open paint and press control “v”. Then save your document. Now we go next way is Windows Button + Print Screen

Windows Button + Print Screen

This way is very simple and first out of all method .

Just press on you firs windows button then press “PrtSc SysRq” button. Your screenshot will be safe in screenshot file location.

Do you want to find your screenshot?

Go to file or this pc and click on picture option. Then open screen shoot file.

Print Screen + Alt

Print Screen + Alt way is similar to the prtsc method. When you press Print Screen + Alt your full screen save in device clipboard.

Open any document press “ctrl+v” then screenshot will be paste your documents.

Windows Button + “G” Button

This process called game bar screenshot method. When you are playing the game you want to snap a screenshot then hit the Windows key and “G” key. Your screenshot will be safe in the clipboard

Windows Button + Volume Down

You are using Microsoft Surface device then you can sap a screenshot similar to the mobile devices.

Press on window button and volume down button. Then you screenshot save in screenshot file.

Chrome Extension

Chrome Extension is best when you what to taking full web page screenshot. Only this process you can take full web page screenshot.

First, go in Chrome web store and search nimbus screenshot. Then click on add to chrome button.

Next click on nimbus screenshot icon right hand upper conner in Chrome browser and snap a screenshot.

Third-Party Tools

I show some top-rated  Third-Party Tools get a screenshot on Windows 10. This list base on my experience and security view.

  • PicPick
  • ShareX
  • Greenshot


PicPick is an easy interface third party screenshot tool. You highly customize by these tools.


ShareX is best for gaming screenshot tools.


Greenshot is one most popular windows screenshot app. You can configure some short key to get a screenshot.

This tools have some varity of option ang take full screen screenshot.

FAQ(Frequently Ask Question)

1. How do I capture a screenshot on my PC?

You can snap a screenshot by the help of your keyboard shortcut key. First press “windows” button then press “PrtSc SysRq” then your screenshot automatically save in computer file.

2. Where do I find my screenshots on Windows 10?

Go to your File Explorer and click on picture option then click on screenshot folder.

Windows press>>Press “PrtSc SysRq OR F13 button>> go to File Explorer >> click on picture >> click on screenshot folder.

3. How do you take a screenshot on Windows 10 without snipping tool?

You can snap a screenshot without snipping tool by the help of your keyboard shortcut key. First press “windows” button then press “PrtSc SysRq” then your screenshot automatically save in computer file.

4. Which F key is Print Screen?

F13” key is Print Screen. It’s beside on F12 key of right-hand side and left hand of Pause Break key.


In this post, I am trying to shear the best way How To Screenshot on Windows 10,8, Windows XP and Vista. All this process best is Windows Button + Print Screen way and it is my favourite.

Shear with us which one is your favourite process take a screenshot. Gives your valuable through in comment box.

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