How to Update Drivers Windows 10 in 3 Genius Ways.

Hey guys, are you want to know How to Update Drivers Windows 10?

How to Update Drivers Windows 10 that, means you are thought drivers not update.

Microsoft’s divers update automatically with Windows update.
You’re using a crack version of Windows then facing a huge problem with drivers.

Are you want to know windows is original or not then read this

How to Check Windows 10 is Original or Pirate

I show 3 way How To Update Windows 10 Drivers. This 3-way work for all device, whatever are using any windows devices.

The first way is from device manage to update Windows 10 driver update. The second way is from the device manufacturing website. Third and last way is using 3rd party software tools.

Remember, Windows update all driver automatically with Windows official update. Some case may not update automatically.

This case first knows your diver is updated or not, but you don’t how to check the driver update status. I told this point in How to Update Drivers Windows 10 section.

How to Update Drivers Windows 10 go-ahead to the process, Brefi diction what is drivers.

What are The Drivers:

Single-word driver tram expiation is very difficult. A driver is a group of the file which associate with software.

The driver is manly drive your computer communication. It’s one type of mediator systems helps to the connection between the device hardware and operating system.  

How to work A driver

For example, you ran an application which needs access device data.  The application calls a function by the help operating system.

Operating system call function to the hardware by the help of the driver.

The driver was developed by the device manufacturing company and some drivers have developed some softer company.

How to Update Drivers Windows 10 By Device Manage is the best way update to any device driver.

Before going to this process check windows are updated or not?

Your windows are updated then don’t need to be updated for the driver. Because the driver is updated with windows updating time.

Some time many drivers may not automatically be updated with windows up-gradation. But you want to check update then follow this way.

Type device manager in windows search box left in conner. Next click on open button then you see the desktop number and all driver.

Device manager

Let an example you want to check and update the Bluetooth driver. Then click on Bluetooth arrow then open all driver related to Bluetooth.

Check and update Bluetooth driver

Next select which Bluetooth driver you want an update. Double-click on specific Bluetooth driver then go in driver section and click on driver update button.

How to Update Drivers Windows 10 By Device Manage

Next, click on search automatically options and wait. It’s can take some time. Going to this way make sure the device is connected to the internet.

Search automatically options

Your device shows pop-up SMS “the best driver is installed” that means the driver is already updated.

But the driver does not update then show a download option. Then click download and it’s automatically updated but takes some time.

Similarly, check one by one all driver and update which one you need.

But does not able to update driver then follow our next process.

Device Manufacturing website :

The second way you can update the driver from the device manufacturing website. As an example are using Acer device.

The first find device model number and serial number.

See your computer back top then find the serial number and device name. Connect your device with an internet connection and open any browser like chrome or other.

Then open google and type your device manufacture website name. An example I am using Acer laptop and I want to update driver.

I am searching google Acer driver and Next open official site.

How to Update Drivers Windows 10 By Device Manufacturing website

Type device serial number and submit button. Then show which device are you using right now. Next click on driver section and select driver which you want to download.

How To Update Windows 10 Drivers By Device Manufacturing website
How To Update Windows 10 Drivers By Device Manufacturing website

Then click on the download button, wait a few seconds for the download.

Next, open the download file and click on setup serial option then click on the run button. Now completed your update driver.

Update driver

But, you’re using another company device then similar to this process. Go to your device company official website and follow a similar process.


You are filing this way is complicated then you can try next way.

Using 3rd party software tools is very easy but it’s can hack your device. So trying to first two methods.

You did not update first two-way then try this way.

Using 3rd party software tools:

I’m going to tell you top 5 driver update tools for windows. Check them out and let us know which one is your favourite driver.

Driver max:

Driver max is a new tool that files in downloads the latest drivers updates for your computer no more searching for rare drivers on disk or on the web.

Driver max

Just create free account log in and start downloading the updates.

That you need updates backup and restore outdated missing or faulty drivers for more than 2 million three hundred thousand devices driver. Drivers working well on Windows 10 Windows 8.1 7 XP and Vista.

Ashippou driver updater:

Ashippou driver updater provides updates for a wide variety of components and devices from professional to lesser-known brands as soon as new drivers become available.

Driver booster:

Driver Booster is a free tool. Outdated drivers may heavily affect your PC performance and lead to system crashes designed with IO bits most advanced driver update technology scares and identifies outdated drivers automatically and downloads and installs.

The right update for you with just one click saving you a load of time this is the best software to update your drivers automatically driver booster provides a simple way to update drivers for Windows 10 8 7 Vista and XP

Driver Genius:

Driver Genius improves PC performance with a powerful driver management system. For Windows that backs up restores and updates your devices drivers automatically with just a few clicks of your mouse.

This powerful and easy driver management tool can analyse your system and recommend suitable drivers for your PC from a database containing over 160,000 plus different drivers.

The database contains drivers for the vast majority of hardware devices such as motherboards video cards sound cards network cards modems monitors mice keyboards digital cameras video capture cards and many more, driver.

Driver Talent:

Driver Talent is a professional and easy to use driver update and management program which will scan your computer for all drivers.

It will find outdated malfunctioning problematic and missing drivers and fix them with one click.

It is your best choice to fix various entry key computer issues related to hardware drivers working well on Windows 10 Windows 8.1 7 XP and Vista.

FAQ(Frequently Ask Questions):

Does Windows 10 install drivers automatically?

Ans: yes, Windows 10 install driver automatically. When you update windows the latest version then Windows was updated all driver at latest version.

In case your driver not automatically then you can follow our three-way to update the Windows driver up-gradation process.

Does updating drivers increase performance?

Ans: yes, updating drivers increase performance because hardware and operating system connect faster.

Can outdated drivers cause low FPS?

Ans: Yes, outdated drivers does not properly communicate with hardware and operating system.

Will updating drivers increase FPS?

Ans: Yes, updating drivers more fast communicated with hardware and operating system than the old driver. That means increase FPS and increase your experience.

Why is my FPS suddenly so low?

Ans: FPS suddenly descries for two reasons. First is you are using an old or not upgraded driver, and second is overheating your device CPU.

The best driver update software

I’m going to tell you top 5 driver update tools or software for windows. Check them out and let us know which one is your favourite driver.

  • Driver max
  • Ashippou driver updater
  • Driver booster
  • Driver Genius
  • Driver Talent


Only this three-way you can update Windows Driver. My favourite is a first way, because don’t need any tools required and its more safe process.

But you want to the easy and automatic process, then go with 3 way. It’s the best easy and automatic process out of three-way. Using 3rd party tools the least secure way in the list.

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