An unexpected 3 way to Logo Making By Canva.

Hey, you start a business or blog? The second part we talked all about visual branding. Logo making is very important for visual branding. So today I wanted to teach how to make a logo for your new business idea or blog. The help of free website canva.

Canva is a very great website for making a logo, infographics, icon and many more. This post I shear easy 3 steps to the logo making by canva.

Canva should be remembered for your blog or business. It’s a very awesome website, I’ts can reduce your logo making time. All work save in your account and totally free of cost. I will explain step by step.

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Tips for Logo Making

  1. use google sing up button for easy process.
  2. always use custom workspace for a logo making.
  3. for icon use 512 px by 512 px.
  4. use always free material on canva.
  5. all file download in .png.
  6. use background removed website for your logo.

Sing up or log in

The first time you visit into canva as you’ll see the screen and you can walk through it to sign up but if you already have an account just click on the green button in the right-hand side to log in. You can type in your email address and password or you can do what I did which is connected to my Google account to make it simple.


Logo making step

now you teching canva dshabora to logo making in step by steps. flow my step you easly make a beautiful logo.

Step one

So once you select that it’ll take you to the home screen of the canva now at the top. It’s going to show you some options for different designs that you can do in canvas. This is kind of a quick shortcut to them but if you click on more you’ll see your other options so you can create everything ranging from social media posts to ebooks.

click on Create Design button than chose logo option

Step Two

your logo so we’re going to go ahead and click on this but the important thing to remember is this logo will be 500 pixels by 500 pixels. If you need something bigger what I would suggest is creating it on a larger template. You don’t mind it being this small because you’re creating something for a profile picture for a social media platform this will be fine.

However, if it needs to be larger than 500 by 500 pixels that I would choose another template to make it simpler in yourself. so just putting that out there were going to go ahead and click on the logo and that’s going to bring up that 500 by 500 workspace along with different options for logo designs.

You can start with one of the layouts that canva provides you or you can start from scratch now. I showed you that you can combine elements from other templates so say for instance if you are a lawyer and you really like this little graphic but you prefer this text you can combine your logo templates.

We’re going to scroll through here and I always look for a logo that’s got some type of icon. make three variations easily so that no matter what social media platform I’m on it works well so for the sake of this example let’s go ahead and use.

That because it works for me another thing to pay attention to most of these templates are free. scroll down you may see some that don’t so make sure you look in the bottom right-hand corner to see which ones are free. Before you get attached to a template to your logo.

Always use a free one so we’re going to go back up here to the Antipas technologies and just click on that template and it will generate that template on your workspace.

You want to have many different variations of your logo. We need three different workspaces so we’re going to copy this once and then we’re gonna copy it again so our first version will be the stock 2 logo. You like the way things are laid out here in this fact format all you need todo is update it for the name of your business.

My purposes we’re going to say about blogging. You can just drag it down what I love about canva is it will tell you. Where the centre is so you don’t have to worry about it being symmetrical so this is the centre of the workspace.

You go left to right it’ll show you the centre of your text. there you go so I like the way that looks now here’s the thing what you can also do after you create your logo is you canal ways cut this thing. If you don’t feel like everything is centred don’t worry about it but another shortcut to Center things

You can drag in the group your logo and then you can make the whole thing in the centre.

The paid subscription you can use the website coolers and just keep your hex codes nearby so for the sake of my colours. Now that matches my brand colours and maybe. I want to update this font maybe instead. I want to use this brand font and we’re going to change.

just crop it tightly so that’s a quick little trick for that so for the stacked logo that looks fine to me right the next one I’ll make it simple I want to make this the watermark for my logo design. I’m just going to go ahead and get rid of these elements and I believe yes all three of those are the same now one thing is maybe

Do have the paid version of canva that allows you to download with a transparent background. Click on the right-hand side using the background button than the download. If you’re not paying the monthly subscription then you can’t download the transparent background logo.

The workspace for that logo design you have PNG as an option you have JPEG you also have a PDF and more. Click right-hand side download than you download in PNG type.

How to download logo.

step three

canva suggested download and also i am . your logo backgound also with its can make huge proble . Next step is our removed logo backround . type you browoser background removver or visite backroundrr than upload your logo . click the backround removed boutton . this tools perfect romved logo backround than you can downlode . but not so go to edite section.


Hopefully, you understand how to make a logo for your new blog or business idea.

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